Q1: When starting the game, it says "Application Update; There is a new version of This Starry Midnight We Make available. Would you like to download it?" What is this?

A1: In addition to Steam-based updates, This Starry Midnight We Make uses an internet-based program to automatically discover updates; this text indicates there is an update for your game. By pressing OK, it will begin an update to the latest version (it should normally finish within a few minutes). New versions usually include important bug fixes and more, so please update if possible. Note that Steam users will not need to utilize this utility, as Steam shall provide the updates through its client.

Q2: I can't make the stars and constellations in the quests!

A2: Some of the tricker stars are explained, in part, on the This Starry Midnight We Make SOS page. Furthermore, use our forums to check with fellow star makers; you may get some hints!

Q3:Where does This Starry Midnight We Make keep its save files? If I am not using the Steam client, where does it install to?

A3: Your game saves are kept inside a folder labeled "Star" within the SavedGames folder in My Documents. While this cannot be changed, save files copied from one user's My Documents folder to another user's or machine's allows you to transfer saves between users.
The Steam version will be installed in a similar fashion to other Steam programs. Non-Steam versions will be installed differently: for Windows 2000/XP, it installs to "C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Local Settings\Apps.0", and for Windows Vista/7/8 it installs to "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Apps.0". Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to ask on our forums or reach us on Twitter!