What does the press say about Recettear?
Just see for yourself:

"Recettear, essentially, is not what I thought it would be. I thought it was this slim, charming gag, but in fact itís one of the most unusual and ingenious games Iíve played this year."

"Anyone who calls themselves a fan of RPGs is doing themselves a disservice by not playing [Recettear], and anyone who particularly enjoys indie games in general should find that Recettear will meet all expectations and more."

"I love the synergy of all these different play mechanics. On their own, these different bits would become stale very quickly, but together each compliments the other to create what I think is a brilliant game."

"It's a game packed with content and personality that challenges you to comb through dungeons and a spend-crazy customer base on a quest for profits... It's a refreshing take on the traditional role-playing game, and if you wind up loving the gameplay, a number of modes unlock after the main game is complete. At the very least, it's probably the most fun you'll ever have repaying a loan."

"Recettear is one of the best indie games to arrive this year. Buy it, and you won't regret it. You might even love it. But one thing's for sure Ė you'll never look at a JRPG item shop the same way again."

"You shouldnít overlook Recettear: An Item Shopís Tale. The indie JRPG by Carpe Fulgur came out of nowhere and stormed our hard drive right before it stole our hearts. Itís not often that we see such an excellent JRPG on the PC thatís not an MMO or a console port and we just canít recommend it enough."

"The odd thing is that while every element of Recettear is dirt-simple and easy to pick holes in, the game as a whole is incredibly likeable. Itís funny, well translated, and while you do spend most of it doing the exact same simple things, doing so quickly becomes a frothy, capitalistic bubblewrap."

DIYGamer:"Clever & Gorgeous"
"I say without any hesitation that Recettear: An Item Shopís Tale is definitely a contender for my indie game of the year. Iím not exactly a huge RPG fan, but this game pulled me in and never let go until the very last payment was made (and beyond!)."

"For those looking for an exceptional simulation-RPG experience chock full of great humor and charm, Recettear may be that diamond in the rough that you've been searching for."

"To say that Recettear came out of nowhere and completely blindsided me, in a good way, is an understatement, and others who've played the game feel the same as I do. When I was at work, I counted down the hours till I could come home and play Recettear. While playing Recettear, I kept chanting the mantra, "Just one more hour" but one hour turned into several and I often found myself up past my bedtime playing it."

"Love it for its smart design, love it for its mixing of game concepts, love it for how everything comes together in a complete, time-absorbing package."

"A creative, relaxing game with an interesting idea that should entertain you for hours on end, Recettear is very enjoyable and pretty affordable at $20."

"... If you understand that it's a charming and clever item-shop running sim combined with a light dungeon crawler, and that idea appeals to you, Recettear is an absolute must buy. It's everything an "item shop simulator" needs to be, with some extra surprises on top of it all. And at only $20, you're more than getting your money's worth."

"Recettear: An Item Shop Game is the surprise success of 2010, and deservedly so. Itís a homebrew game that, when published by what was little more than a fan base, quickly turned the part-time publishers hobby into a full time job. It doesnít just exceed expectations: it rewrites them."

"... Itís fun, though, and at its budget price, itís well worth a look because it feels so different from any other JRPG. Itís wonderfully ingenious and the sort of subject that makes you wonder just why someone hasnít attempted it before."

"Recettear may look like countless other disposable RPGs with limited audiences and questionable taste, but it's really the sort of unique addiction that the game industry needs."

"... For a $20 game, the amount of care, polish, style, and the sheer depth of systems and advancement possible to players is staggering."

Siliconera:"Interesting & Exciting"
"The art is cute, and the voices, when they appear, are perfect. The music is also great. The design of the economic system demonstrates a lot of thought, especially with the trends and the preferences of the different types of customers, that added a different spin on things."

"Recettear is nothing if not unique. It's central mechanics may not be as compelling as games that focus on them exclusively, but the synthesis of the two ideas proves to be a solid new type of genre fusion that has rarely before ever been imagined."

GameCritics:"Really, really good"
"I came into Recettear expecting a simple sim game with some spoofy self-aware humor, but it's so much more than that. The sheer amount of depth is staggering, and the game is extremely good at throwing the player something new every now and then to keep things feeling fresh."

Snackbar Games:4/5
"Iím usually not a fan of indie games, but Recettear has won me over. The quirky story, the mild RPG elements, and the deep and enjoyable item shop management make this a worthwhile game. And for just $20, it is a great value for PC gamers as well."

"Recettear is charming, addictive, and astoundingly well-designed. You will begin playing this compulsively. Do yourself a favor and download the demo immediately."

"It may not be perfect... but the core strategy of how to get your business started is a ton of fun and the level of value is something every downloadable title should shoot for."

"... But if you are looking for is a well-made item-crafting, store-running, dungeon-crawling mashup with plenty of charm and humor, fan appeal, and high replayability, Recettear just might be the game for you."

"Recettear is still a lovely little title which offers plenty of hours in gameplay, but more importantly, something new."

"Recettear really shines in its addictive simulation and exploration, and with all the extra game modes it has a very high replay value ó especially for the low cost of the game."

"Whether youíre a hardcore otaku who canít resist all things kawaii, or a gold digger who always wondered what it would be like managing their own store, Recettear delivers an addicting and charming combination that feels like a forgotten PS1 game, and one of the most pleasantly surprising Steam releases this year."

"While Recettear could be considered a JRPG, it has a lot of unique properties that make this indie game stand out. Carpe Fulgar provided a wonderful, localized script, gameplay is well balanced between the item shop simulation and action RPG dungeon crawling, there are lots of items to accumulate and the additional game modes add lots of replay value."

Zeboyd:"Highly Recommended"
"All in all, Recettear was a very pleasant surprise. Fun gameplay combined with an enjoyable script result in a highly addicting game. Carpe Fulgur Ė the new localization company behind the English version of the game Ė has already earned themselves a fan with this, their first release."

"I will say that if you love difficult Japanese action RPGís and can deal with occasionally needing to reload a save file due to certain events this game is right up your alley."

Diehard Gamefan:"Good Game!"
"RecettearĎs translation into English is the result of two people from Something Awful working hard to find a game to translate, convincing an independant Japanese devleoper into letting them officially release one of their games, then spreading the word to find an audience. You will not be disappointed if you take a smaller plunge than they did buy purchasing this game. Carpe Fulgur has captured lightning in a bottle and you should not miss out on this fun, quirky and refreshing game."

Out of Eight:7/8
"The two halves of the game compliment each other well: youíre not always fighting in a dungeon (which would be monotonous by itself) and youíre not always selling goods (which would be monotonous by itself). The alternation of the mechanics, along with the ever-growing roster of things to do, makes Recettear: An Item Shopís Tale vastly superior to your average role-playing game."