If you wish to transfer your save data from the demo to the full game, follow these steps:

1) Locate and open the folder containing your Recettear Demo installation. (This will usually be C:\\Program Files\Recettear Demo\, but can vary; Steam users will find it in C:\\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\recettear - demo\.)
2) Select both _save.dat and save.dat, and copy them (CTRL-C).
3) Open the folder with your Recettear full game install (usually C:\\Program Files\Recettear\, C:\\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\recettear\ for Steam users).
4) Paste the copied save files into the full version folder (CTRL-V).

That's it! Your demo saves are ready to go.

(Note that Windows 7 users may find their save files in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Recettear Demo instead.)


Hey, the game freezes when I try to run it! I can't use my mouse to-
Hey! I can scroll down the title screen with my arrow keys but Enter doesn't work, what gives?
Recettear does not support mouse control; the default controls are Z=Button 1, X=Button 2, C=Button 3, V=Button 4 and ESC=Button 5 on the keyboard, and any DirectX-compatible gamepad also functions with Recettear. We recommend playing with a gamepad for the best experience. If you wish to reconfigure your controls, open custom.exe in the Recettear folder (or select the "configuration tool" option in the Steam interface).


So what's this all about, in short?
The "too-long-didn't-read" version is that Recettear is an item-shop-focused role-playing game. That means that the core gameplay revolves around running your item store. You will find or purchase items, sell them to townsfolk, and manage your store with an eye toward repaying a debt each week. The game is beaten when the debt is completely repaid.

What are the system requirements for the game?
The system requirements are as follows:
- Processor: Pentium 4 1.7ghz or Athlon XP 1700+ (or equivalent processor)
- System Memory: 256MB of system RAM (512 reccomended for Windows Vista and 7)
- Video Card: DirectX 8.1-compatible video card of any type with at least 64 megabytes of video RAM; Nvidia and ATI tested
--NOTE:Although the game will run on Intel Integrated Graphics chipsets, we do not recommend running the game on anything less than the X4000 chipset; earlier chipsets lack certain graphics instructions in hardware, and this will result in significant slowdown in certain areas of the game. If you must play Recettear on such a system, ensure "Reduced Processing Mode" is enabled in custom.exe and play on the lowest resolution possible.
- Sound: DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card/motherboard chip (very few computers should have problems)
- Other: DirectX 8.1-compatible gamepad required for playing with gamepad
- Operating System: Windows XP, Vista and 7 supported

Hey, the game is crashing for me and I'm using an ASUS Xonar soundcard with DS3D-GX enabled.
Unfortunately, a fix for this on our side will be a long time coming; with EGS busy with Territoire development, there is little time to spare for lengthy debugging against a specific implementation of EAX. We recommend that our Xonar users disable DS3D-GX while playing Recettear.

Wait, this is an indie game from Japan, right? Are there... naughty bits in this game?
Absolutely not. Although there are currently no plans to have the game rated officially by the ESRB, we would anticipate getting an "E-10" rating in any event; the only "violence" in the game is of the bloodless kind, the "hottest" any character gets is showing a little stomach (as Tear and Charme do), and there is hardly any swearing. The single most objectionable topic in the game might be various references to alcohol. The game was designed by EGS as an "all-ages" title, and our localization has kept that aspect intact.

Will you guys ever produce a MacOS or Linux version of the game?
This is very unlikely; the huge majority of our users have access to Windows in some form, and with ongoing projects for Carpe Fulgur and EasyGameStation, it is not very economical for us to produce non-Windows versions of the game.

That being said, Recettear is not a very complicated game in a technical sense, and should work with minimal problems in DirectX wrappers such as Wine. Note that we do not offer any support for running Recettear in such a fashion.

Does Recettear feature any form of copy protection?
Recettear does not feature copy protection (or "DRM") of any kind. Neither Carpe Fulgur nor EasyGameStation believe in compromising the user's privacy and freedom to use their computers as they wish.

Once you purchase the Recettear client, you are free to do with it as you wish (though don't torrent it, thanks) - you may copy it to any location on your hard drive, you may make as many backup copies as you wish, you may even run it from an external hard drive or a USB thumb drive if you so wish (and your thumb drive has the capacity). Recettear is install-agnostic and makes no hooks in your system registry. It has no DRM and no "restrictions" on where and when it can be installed.

But doesn't that mean I can just pirate your game?
But aren't you afraid of getting pirated into oblivion?

Well, we'll say this: Recettear would be pirated regardless of whether we used copy protection or not. We're adults and we understand that our work will be stolen by someone who doesn't want to pay for it; that's how the Internet works in this day and age. Any prospective pirates who enjoy our work, however, must realize that we can only continue to produce localizations for games - and possibly help foster new projects on our own - if we make enough money to make a living at it.

If you like the game even a little bit, please purchase it. We respect our customers enough to not put any invasive DRM programs into Recettear - we hope the respect will be repaid in kind.

HEY! What about the fact that you're on Steam? I HAVE to have the game run via Steam if I purchase it that way!
This is, we're afraid, the price of doing business on Steam. The Steam wrapper must work with the game in order for Valve to publish a game on Steam. We were willing to bend on this, however, because both of our other distribution partners (Impulse and GamersGate) offer purchases that feature absolutely no DRM at all. Therefore, if the Steam wrapper offends you to the quick for some reason, you still have multiple, completely DRM-free options available!

(It's worth pointing out that the Steam wrapper has a host of benefits as well - free re-downloads any time, chat with friends without having to alt-tab out of the game, access the customizer and the game executable from one handy menu... but that's a bit beyond the scope of this FAQ.)

But we can distribute and share the demo as much as we want to, right? With friends and stuff?
Oh heck yes. The only thing we'll be upset about concerning the demo is if you try to take credit for the game yourself - such as removing the credits for EGS and Carpe Fulgur from the title screen somehow. So long as you keep the credit, feel free to share the demo as much as you like - heck, if you host it somewhere, drop us a line and let us know if you'd like to have your hosting linked on the demo page! We can always use more hosts for the demo, and torrents are fine too!

Where can I purchase the game?
Recettear will be for sale on Steam, Impulse and GamersGate on September 10th, 2010.

No, I mean like... where can I buy a copy of the game? Like, from a person? Will Gamestop carry it?
Unfortunately, there are no plans for a "traditional", brick-and-mortar release of Recettear. There are a staggering number of hurdles to such a release: the ever-declining amount of shelf space for PC games in modern stores, the costs and uncertainties involved with printing the game, the costs involved in "guaranteeing" a certain level of sales and buying back unsold copies... any of these could bankrupt Carpe Fulgur, as we are not a wealthy company.

We're aware of the preference some of our customers will have for physical copies, but it simply is not a practical option at the moment. If you are concerned about creating a "backup" copy, however, we will point out that Recettear is install-agnostic; that is, it creates no hooks in the system registry, and so can be copied from a disc and played without any need to run an installer. If you want to copy the game to a flash drive or a burned DVD, you can!

What gamepads are compatible with Recettear?
Any gamepad that is recognized by Windows will function with Recettear; this includes XBox360 controllers. Strictly speaking, this means Recettear can be played with a flight stick, should you be daft enough to try.

Heeey, the lower shoulder triggers on my 360 controller aren't being recognized by the game! What gives?
Currently, the game does not recognize 360 shoulder triggers or second joysticks on any controller. While second stick support is not planned (as the control scheme does not require it), we hope to add support for the triggers sometime in the future. The default control scheme for Recettear does not require any shoulder buttons at all, however, so this was given a lower priority.

So when's the game coming out, anyway?
The game is tenatively scheduled for release on September 10th, 2010 via Steam, Impulse and GamersGate. It will cost 20 USD/15 Euros/13 GBP.


Hey, how come all the voices are in Japanese still?
Unfortunately, while Carpe Fulgur is capable of providing what we believe to be a professional-level localization of all text and graphical elements in the game, we do not currently have the resources available to produce an English vocal localization of a caliber we would consider acceptable. We have therefore opted to leave the Japanese voices in the game, partly at the request of EasyGameStation themselves (who wanted the Japanese voices to be available in some form regardless) and partly because given the choice between potentially poor English voice work and no English voice work, we opt for the latter.

It should be noted that the voices in the game are not a critical portion of the gameplay in any event - there are only approximately a dozen fully-voiced lines total. The rest are "generic" vocal clips inserted into conversations for emphasis or sounds associated with dungeon combat. If the Japanese voices annoy you, they can be turned off completely in the options menu with no detriment to gameplay.

Now, if Recettear is very successful at retail, then one of the things at the top of our priority list is releasing an "English voice patch". We do want to produce an English vocal set for Recettear, but at the moment it's purely a matter of resources - and you can probably guess how you can help on that front!

All of the game's resolution options are standard-definition. Will the game ever get some native widescreen options?
Very unlikely. The game's interface and art assets are designed around the assumption of a 4:3 screen aspect ratio; developing a 16:9 version of the game would require reworking a massive part of the game's art assets.

Hey, is the title theme different? I tried out the Japanese demo of Recettear, and the title seems different...
Indeed! Quite a few of our testers (and, well, our localization staff) weren't very fond of the original title theme to the game, so the crew over at Team m_box, who handed the original music for the game, were awesome enough to put together a new, instrumental version of the game's main theme to serve as the title song for the American version! We hope you enjoy it!

Hey, how come you guys are only selling the game through third-party distributors? I wanna purchase the game from you directly!
This is more of a courtesy to our distributors than anything else; while none of our contracts with other distributors forbid us from selling the game on our own, our distributors do quite a bit of legwork in helping us to promote the game, they provide bandwidth, they do a whole host of things for us. It would therefore feel a little bit awkward for us to attempt to directly compete with them. So we do not currently sell our games directly, due to how much help we get from our distributors - don't worry, if you buy from them we still get a fair cut!