These are the characters that you will meet as you play Recettear.

"Capitalism, ho!"

The hero of our tale and the character you play as. Recette is a young girl who, up until now, had practically not a care in the world as her father took care of everything. He's run off to go "be a hero", however, leaving her alone... and apparently saddled with the debt of a massive loan he took out from Terme Finance! Now it falls to Recette to pay back the debt, using her house as an item store.

Recette can be a little "air-headed" at times, but she's also very sincere. Despite the hardship placed in front of her, she never seems to lose her sunny disposition.

"Merde... really now..."

Recette's straight-laced, long-suffering fairy advisor. She's the one who has been sent to collect on the loan Recette's father has seemingly skipped out on. Seeing that Recette had no way of paying her back immediately, Tear is the one who suggested starting the item shop. There are times she wonders if this was such a good idea, though...

Tear is a fairy, not a human. As such, she doesn't really think like a human and there are times when the behavior of Recette or others absolutely mystifies her. She's cool and analytical, but she isn't cruel; she seems to honestly want to help Recette, in addition to getting the loan repaid.

"You guys are pretty new at all of this too, huh?"

A newly-arrived adventurer who Recette soon befriends. In a different sort of tale, Louie may well have been our protagonist - brave, earnest, loyal and trustworthy, he's everything you could want from a swordsman. Too bad he's also dead broke and doesn't seem likely to be any less broke anytime soon.

Louie is the first adventurer you get, and he fights with a sword & shield. His repertoire of special moves is a bit limited, but if you can help him out with equipment he can become quite formidable!

"So. Your treasures, valuables, and assorted shiny bits. I'll be taking them, if you please."

The self-titled "Lady Thief", Charme is a bit of an enigma. She's a self-admitted cutpurse who'll steal from any "berk" who she thinks is an easy mark, but she takes a liking to Recette (after getting her behind handed to her) and seems to be a nice person at heart (if one with a moral framework that can only be described as "loose"). She also seems to have a thing for using her ill-gotten gains to fund trips to the local pub...

Charme is a dagger-wielding thief. In dungeons, she's a bit faster than other characters (and can equip shoes that allow her to go even faster), and possesses several unique skills that she's apparently picked up from her life of crime.

"Awwww maaaan, you gotta be... ahem. Well, yes, that's acceptable."

Caillou is, at first glance, simply a young boy in odd-looking clothes. You call him a "boy" at your own peril, however - despite his age, Caillou is an accomplished magician and is very proud of his achievements. Even though he's young, he speaks and acts in a fashion far beyond his years (usually), and seems to expect to be treated like an adult in kind. He finds it just a little hard to believe that someone like Recette could be nearly as successful as he is, though...

Caillou is a magic-user, and thus controls fairly differently than the other adventurers. He's a bit fragile, but his repretoire of special attacks is unmatched, and his magic staves work quite differently from most other weapons, too!

"That's right, I need to find sis!"

Tielle is that rarest of things - an elven child. Roughly Recette's age, she came to Pensee with her older sister, but after a trip to a certain dungeon, has gotten lost... and she may have trouble trusting strangers in her fear.

Tielle is an archer, and thus all of her attacks hit the enemy from range. If she takes time to prepare (by you holding down the attack button), she can even perform some very impressive trick shots... that can cause a lot of damage!

"Then whatcha standin' around here for?"

Elan is a somewhat gruff but good-natured aspiring priest who focuses on training his body as well as his mind. He seems to have an attachment to the Pensee orphanage, and tries his best to make the lives of the children there better. He seems attached to one former orphan in particular...

In combat, Elan is purely a brawler - all he needs are his fists, helped along by gloves. He can land quite a few blows faster than anyone else Recette can hire, but it means getting pretty close to your foes!

"Oh, don't worry. My sense of direction is excellent."

Nagi is a young woman from a country located far to the east of Pensee. Exactly how she ended up so far from home is a bit of a mystery, even to her, although many suspect it has something to do with her sense of direction... either way, she's still a welcome sight in Pensee due to her calm, polite demeanor and willingness to help others.

Nagi uses spears in combat. This gives her the greatest reach of all the adventurers, but also means the arc of her attack is the narrowest by far. Still, she has several unique abilities, and can wear all but the heaviest of armors.

The Guildmaster
"Alright, little lady! Give 'em your all!"

The master of the Merchant's Guild, and one of Recette's most important allies. He oversees the activities of all the merchants in the city, and handles wholesaling of items to anyone registered with the Guild. Staying on his good side is probably a wise idea, but he's naturally rather protective of Recette in any case. He even keeps the guild open late at night, although that might be in part to avoid going home...