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Before the Beginning & After the End - October 19, 2012

A news update to the Recettear website? After so long? You bet! Even after all this time, people are still interested in Recettear and in CF, and we aren't going to leave you high and dry.

On that front, our first bit of news is that the first-ever licensed product for Recettear is now available for purchase online at - a Recettear t-shirt! Now you can show off your favorite item shop to everyone you meet!

Secondly, the Indie Games For Good marathon will be showing off Carpe Fulgur titles, including Recettear, during their marathon, and will be interviewing Andrew Dice of CF at 8PM Pacific Standard!

Finally, everyone at Carpe Fulgur wants to thank our fans again for all the support you've given us over the past two years (and, for those of you who have been following our more recent projects, all your patience). The love you've shown for Recettear has meant a lot both for us and for EasyGameStation, and although, to our frustration, we still have to be vague about it for the moment, we can say that it will lead to Good Things To Come.

Yayifications - January 2, 2011

There is an announcement on the Carpe Fulgur front page that Recettear fans may be interested in.

Grilled - December 28, 2010

Just to let everyone know, Andrew "SpaceDrake" Dice will be appearing on the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast tomorrow on December 29th at 10PM Eastern. If you want to needle ol' SD with questions, be sure and join their TalkShoe chatroom!

Re-sold and Charitable - December 20, 2010

And so, just in time for the holidays, Recettear is on sale once again. The game will be on sale for the entire duration of the Holiday Sale. There will not be any sales for a while after this, so hop on while you can!

(Update: And now, for one day only, the game is available for 66% off! Be sure to pick it up for yourself or a friend today!)

Speaking of the holidays, I would like to bring something to the attention of our fans.

This is the time of year when we step back and realize that our own successes in life are due in (large) part to others; the opportunities they gave us allowed us to rise to what we are now. It is only right, then, that we pay such support forward - that we take a little bit of our own success and help those who are in need.

Carpe Fulgur will be making a donation to Child's Play, the charity for children's hospitals, and we encourage our fans to donate what they can at We didn't quite have time to prepare anything special for this year (although we have some neat ideas for next year), but the cause of giving the sick the strength they need to survive their struggles, especially when they are children, is a cause I know our readers can rally behind.

Remember, give to those less fortunate so they can pay it forward to others when their time comes. Help Child's Play - or whatever charity you prefer - this holiday.

Nominated - December 14, 2010

Recettear was recently nominated for awards by IGN and G4, with IGN nominating Recettear for "Most Innovative" and "Best Quick Fix" in the PC category. We didn't win thanks to stiff competition, but even the nomination is an honor.

As for G4, you can watch the award show tonight at 6PM! (Check your TV listings for an exact time.)

Sold - November 25, 2010

Happy day of the turkey, everyone. To celebrate the start of the holiday season, we and Steam are having a little bit of a sale of Recettear today:

This will be available for one day only (22 hours left as of this posting), so get it now if you want the deal!

UPDATE: This deal is now over. We hope everyone enjoyed it and that our new Recettear owners enjoy the game!

Thoughts From The Tunes - November 15, 2010

It's been a bit of a quiet time for the game, as it keeps selling steadily and as Carpe Fulgur gears up for new projects. We've still got a lot to talk about concerning Recettear in hindsight, so keep an eye on the SpaceDrake blog as we discuss some of this stuff, and detail some plans for Recettear (and other projects) in the future.

In the meantime, though, if you are of a mind to throw more money directly at EGS and their music partners at Team m_box, you do in fact have a compelling reason to do so. Up now on iTunes and CDBaby is the International Version of the Recettear OST! This is a bigger version of the original OST release m_box did in Japan, and includes a new (gigantic) remix on top of the two high-quality remixes that were on the OST already, along with the new instrumental version of the Recettear theme they made for the English version, for 24 tracks in all!

Interestingly, we at Carpe Fulgur had precisely nothing to do with this, beyond the fact that Recettear's success (30,000 copies and climbing as of November 2nd, for the record) got EGS' foot in the door to start getting the OSTs of their games up on iTunes (another "Japanese Indie First" for EGS, I believe).

So go purchase the Recettear OST if you're curious (only $10!) and look forward to a fair bit of news in the coming weeks and months. We're not quite done just yet!

Patched Again - October 8, 2010

And at last we have another patch out for Recettear. It should be going live on Steam soon, it's live through the Impulse client, and if you wish to update your Gamersgate or Impulse copies of Recettear manually, the downloads page has you covered.

Full patch notes are within, but this patch contains some adjustments to the crazier fusion recipes (no more 30+ Fur Balls for certain items for example) and should hopefully fix the "crashing when trying to play a sound" bug a few people reported. If you continue to have problems, let us know!

With this patch out of the way, we can finally get down to some blogging... and quite possibly some work on future projects. Stay tuned, and we hope you continue to enjoy Recettear.

The Dream Fulfilled - September 28, 2010

The short of it: 26,000 copies sold in a month, and still going.

See the main Carpe Fulgur website for more information.

Contested - September 23, 2010

Press for Recettear continues to roll in - check our reviews site to see what everyone's been saying about our favorite item shop.

Additionally, our friends across the sea at TK Nation are running a bit of a contest, with a copy of Recettear as the prize!

Finally, a second spit-'n-polish patch to fix the few remaining issues (including, hopefully, some of the crash issues a minority of our users have been having) should be out in the near future. If not this week, then next week.

We'll have quite a bit to talk about next week, regardless!

Patched - September 13, 2010

A patch to polish up a few aspects of Recettear is now available - take note of the new "Patches & Demo" section of the navigation bar. Alternately you can just click this here text.

For full patch notes, refer to this forum thread.

Pressed - September 11, 2010

A small update, but as mentioned in our previous update, our reviews site is now up. If you want to answer the question "is the full version of Recettear worth it?", well, just take a look at what members of the press are saying. It will be updated as reviews keep coming in.

Ascend - September 10, 2010

Well. It's been long months of traveling this road. But we're finally here. The day has come. Recettear is for sale.

I doubt I need to say all that much more. You guys know what to do.

Everyone at Carpe Fulgur hope our fans enjoy the game - we worked hard to make the localization of the game as enjoyable as possible.

Reviews are already starting to come in. We'll have a separate section devoted to reviews up soon.

We're also keeping an eye out for bugs and we'll fix what we can when it comes up. There were a few gremlins in the release versions from Gamersgate and Impulse, and patches for those can be found here:

(Edit: All patches consolidated into one, find it at

There's also been a bit of an update to the FAQ, as well as a few new adventurers added to the Characters page. Is there anyone else to add? I wonder!

Finally... yeah, I'd say this sums up my feelings pretty well.

Happy Recettear Day, everyone. We hope you enjoy our work.

Forward Movement - August 31, 2010

Well, from the outside I imagine it looks like it's been a quiet couple of weeks. We've been slowly but surely getting the game ready to ship, and now we're essentially done. And not only that, but we have a little more news.

I think this piece of music should match the situation quite well. Because lord knows it feels like it's been a journey.

Quite simply, we're pleased to announce two more distributors for Recettear.

Yep, that's right. Steam has decided to carry Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. You'll be able to get the demo via Steam very soon, and they'll carry the game on September 10th. We're basically pleased as punch at this development since it means Recettear will be reaching millions more people than it was originally. We might actually not be stricken with poverty at this rate!

GamersGate has also been excellent enough to agree to carry the game - they'll be alongside everyone else on September 10th. Those of you who want to make sure you get a perfectly DRM-free copy of Recettear, here's your chance!

Along with this, the game is basically ready. We'll be going to release in two weeks, and god as my witness, the game's ready for primetime. We've sweated for months to make this happen, and now it will. And we've got all the heavyweights of digital distribution in our corner now.

We've also made a few updates to the FAQ, to reflect the situation and a few other things.

After so long, this is going to happen. Now it comes down to you guys.

With that, I'll close with the following words:


September 10th.

We're making this happen.