The primary gameplay of Fortune Summoners consists of adventuring across the towns and countryside of Scotsholm from a side perspective.

During play, you will be faced with many of the vile monsters which roam the countryside. You must use Arche's skill with a blade, as well as the skill Stella and Sana have with the mercurial power of magic, to defeat the foes which stand in your way!

Your adventures will typically begin in towns, like Arche's new hometown of Tonkiness and the nearby Minasa-Ratis Magic School. Here, you'll talk with the townsfolk and eventually learn of a task that needs doing, and Arche, being a girl whose bravery far outstrips her stature, will throw herself into these quests with gusto! Eventually, she will find a quest to unlock a great secret...

You can keep track of Arche's objectives and recent developments through the message system. This a note journal of sorts containing messages from both Arche, her friends, and other denizens of Scotsholm. Keep an eye on them often to keep track of your newest objectives!


Your quests will eventually lead you into the deepest of caves and the darkest of abandoned ruins. In the depths of these dungeons, combat with the denizens will be inevitable. Knowing how to defend yourself will be crucial!

Arche fights using a variety of swords, beginning with the training blade provided by her father. She controls in a method similar to that of a fighting game; she possesses a number of specialized sword moves that can only be executed using specific button and directional combinations. You can decide exactly which ones she will or will not use as an AI character using the Abilities menu in-game.

Stella and Sana, meanwhile, draw on their repritoire of spells to contribute to battle. Sana focuses on water-based magic, including a number of restorative spells, while Stella possesses a huge number of devastating fire spells which can eliminate whole groups of enemies on their own. There are two ways of customizing their spell use; one is to use the F4 key to set the party's global magic use policy to one of several defaults (such as "healing only" or "cast like mad"), and the other is to customize which spells each individual member will use, in both the Party Command and Abilities menus.

With proper use of spell and blade, even the mightiest foes who await at the end of dungeons can be brought low! Defeating these foes will often advance the main quest.

As you fight, you will gain levels. Your level is capped depending on how many Marks of Heroism you have obtained; find more in dungeons and elsewhere to increase your potential!

Monsters are not the only threat you face. Dungeons often have mind-bending puzzles that will require you to use all the abilities of your party members together in order to advance. Arche's surprising strength allows her to push heavy objects; Sana can submerge herself in water without danger, even without the Mermaid Robe spell, and that spell eventually allows her to give the entire party the ability to breathe and fight underwater; and Stella's pyromatic abilities allow her to remove certain obstacles easily. Use these abilities together and you can overcome any challenge before you!

Mysteries and surprises await you in the land of Scotsholm. What is the stone that Arche discovers? What exactly is Chiffon, and what secrets does he hold? And who is the witch who seems to plague the land and direct its monsters toward some unknown purpose?...

Only Arche and her friends can unlock the secret of the elemental stone... with your help.