If you wish to transfer your save data from the demo to the full game, follow these steps:

1) Locate and open the folder containing your Fortune Summoners Demo installation. (This will usually be C:\\Program Files\Fortune Summoners Demo\, but can vary; Steam users will find it in C:\\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fortune summoners - demo\.)
2) Select the "temp" folder, the "user" folder, and fs_boot.log, and copy them (CTRL-C).
3) Open the folder with your Fortune Summoners full game install (usually C:\\Program Files\Fortune Summoners\, C:\\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fortune summoners\ for Steam users).
4) Paste the copied save files into the full version folder (CTRL-V).

That's it! Your demo saves are ready to go, and any configuration changes you made in the demo (such as new keybindings) will be carried over as well.


So, this game. What's the deal?
Fortune Summoners is a side-scrolling, real-time Action RPG made from the mold of some of gaming's most famous and beloved classic side-scrollers and combined with modern design sensibilities. In it, you will guide Arche Plumfield and her friends through great adventures to uncover the secret of something Arche has discovered - and maybe engage in some Real Heroics on the way!

What are the system requirements for the game?
The system requirements are as follows:
- Processor: Pentium III 1ghz processor (or equivalent)
- System Memory: 384MB of system RAM (512 reccomended for Windows Vista and 7)
- Video Card: DirectX 8.1-compatible video card of any type with at least 32 megabytes of video RAM; Nvidia and ATI tested
--NOTE:Although the game will run on Intel Integrated Graphics chipsets, we cannot guarantee optimal performance from the older of these chipsets (i.e. prior to the ones bundled with the Core-i# series). If you encounter significant slowdown while attempting to play the game on these chipsets, your only recourse is likely to be a hardware upgrade.
- Sound: DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card/motherboard chip (very few computers should have problems)
- Other: DirectX 8.1-compatible gamepad required for playing with gamepad
- Operating System: Windows XP, Vista and 7 supported

Who's the original developer?
The original developer of Fortune Summoners is the nearly-one-man team at Lizsoft Game Studios. MEL of Lizsoft did all the level and battle design, sprite artwork, music composition, and programming for the game, with a bit of help from Mika Takeda on portraits and stills.

Will you guys ever produce a MacOS or Linux version of the game?
Due to the extremely tiny penetrations these OSes have in Japan, ports of the game to these platforms us unlikely at best. Sorry!

Didn't Fortune Summoners have really nasty DRM in its Japanese release?
It did, but our release does not; Fortune Summoners follows Carpe Fulgur's policy of having no first-party or third-party DRM of any kind forced on the user. The only "DRM" you will encounter will be the Steam wrapper if you purchase the Steam version of the game; versions purchased from other sites will have no DRM at all.

We can distribute and share the demo as much as we want to, right? With friends and stuff?
Absolutely. The only thing we'll be upset about concerning the demo is if you try to take credit for the game yourself - such as removing the credits for Lizsoft and Carpe Fulgur from the title screen somehow. So long as you keep the credit, feel free to share the demo as much as you like - heck, if you host it somewhere, drop us a line and let us know if you'd like to have your hosting linked on the demo page! We can always use more hosts for the demo, and torrents are fine too!

If it seems like your analog controller's stick is wigging out on you (particularly scrolling through menus too quickly), open the options menu, go down to "Analog Gamepad", select "Analog Gamepad Sensitivity" and set it to High.

Where can I purchase the game?
Fortune Summoners will be for sale on Steam and GamersGate on January 24th, 2012.

No, I mean like... where can I buy a copy of the game? Like, from a person? Will Gamestop carry it?
Unfortunately, much like our previous releases, there are no plans for a "traditional", brick-and-mortar release of Fortune Summoners. There are a staggering number of hurdles to such a release: the ever-declining amount of shelf space for PC games in modern stores, the costs and uncertainties involved with printing the game, the costs involved in "guaranteeing" a certain level of sales and buying back unsold copies... any of these could bankrupt Carpe Fulgur, as we are not an extremely wealthy company, even with our recent successes.

We're aware of the preference some of our customers will have for physical copies, but it simply is not a practical option at the moment. If you are concerned about creating a "backup" copy, however, we will point out that, also like our previous releases, Fortune Summoners is install-agnostic; that is, it creates no hooks in the system registry, and so can be copied from a disc and played without any need to run an installer. If you want to copy the game to a flash drive or a burned DVD, you can!

What gamepads are compatible with Fortune Summoners?
Any gamepad that is recognized by Windows will function with Fortune Summoners; this includes XBox360 controllers. Our personal recommendation is the Logitech F-series, which among other things allows switching of analog-stick and HAT functionality between the d-pad and the left stick, allowing you to control the game as you wish.

So when's the game coming out, anyway?
The game is tenatively scheduled for release on January 24th, 2012 via Steam and GamersGate. The price will be announced soon - check back!


What's this about "Fortune Summoners Deluxe" I see on the internet in places?
In Japan, Fortune Summoners has had two significant releases - first was the original "doujin" or limited-circulation independent release, and then later on a "deluxe" version was released with assistance from Jungle Japan. This included updated graphics, more voicework from "professional" actors, and the "Plus" DLC content included by default.

Carpe Fulgur has licensed the original Fortune Summoners, not the Deluxe version; the only content from that in our is the graphical improvements. This still contains the entire core story and gameplay experience, however, so you'll still get the full Fortune Summoners experience!

Hey, how come all the voices are in Japanese still?
Much like with our previous releases, the game features so little "core" voicework that it was more cost-effective to simply leave what little voice there is in Japanese; the spell names are in English regardless, so we felt it was particularly silly to re-record those.

All of the game's resolution options are standard-definition (and the default resolution is kind of tiny!) Will the game ever get some native widescreen options?
Unfortunately, like many of our other releases, the game was originally developed for a 4:3 640x480 screen and would require substantial redesign in its UI to work in widescreen; as Lizsoft is semi-closed for now, there aren't really resources to make the game widescreen.

The "low" initial resolution, however, is a stylistic choice!

Hey, how come you guys are only selling the game through third-party distributors? I wanna purchase the game from you directly!
This is more of a courtesy to our distributors than anything else; while none of our contracts with other distributors forbid us from selling the game on our own, our distributors do quite a bit of legwork in helping us to promote the game, they provide bandwidth, they do a whole host of things for us. It would therefore feel a little bit awkward for us to attempt to directly compete with them. So we do not currently sell our games directly, due to how much help we get from our distributors - don't worry, if you buy from them we still get a fair cut!