Energetic Swordsgirl, Our Hero

The protagonist of our story, Arche is a bright, energetic young girl. She holds dear the skills in swordsmanship her father taught her, and she carries a big (for her) sword wherever she goes. Aspiring to be like her father, who was once one of Scotsholm's most skilled swordsmen, she spends her days getting into little adventures - however, her honest-to-a-fault personalityand her tendency to not think things through gets her into no small amount of danger, as well. Even in the danger, her perpetually sunny disposition and incredible luck always see her through.

Stella Mayberk
Genius, Famous (and slightly stuck-up) Magician

A classmate of Arche's at the Minasa-Ratis Magic School. The treasured daughter of one of Scotsholm's wealthiest families and heiress to one of its largest companies, a savant at magic, and arguably Minasa-Ratis' prettiest student. Despite her natural gifts and her seeming perfection in all she does, she's very cold to her fellow classmates and, as the game opens, has no real friends. Unbeknownst to everyone, she aspires to be just like her idol, the sage Minasa-Ratis herself, and Stella constantly pushes herself to ever greater - and harsher - heights to reach this goal... and her desire may be a result of an incident from her past.

She always wears a high-grade elemental stone on a bracelet, called Royal Scarlet; it and Stella are perfect for one another, and Stella can use it to cast incredibly powerful fire magic.

The Gentle Healer

A gentle and painfully shy student at Minasa-Ratis, and the first student Arche meets there. Her talent at magic is fairly average, but her water-elemental stone, Eolamest, allows her to use healing magic. Normally, she's a quiet, dedicated student, but after she meets Arche, she ends up dragged into increasingly incredible adventures.

An Innocent, Clueless Wind Elemental

During her adventures, Arche meets this little flying rab- er, wind elemental. Seemingly rendered amnesiac by a curse, Chiffon needs Arche's help to regain his memories... and Arche may need his help with something she finds with him...

Arche's Parents

Arche's father is a gentle, quiet man who used to be a member of the Scotsholm Guard, and was rumored to be one of the greatest swordsmen alive. He has taught Arche nearly everything he knows about the way of the sword. It seems he may regret the path he has chosen, however...

Arche's mother, meanwhile, worries a little bit about the danger her daughter seems to get herself into, but always supports Arche with love and kindness.


Colm is one of Arche's classmates, and the perennial class clown. He takes a boyish delight in causing pranks of all kinds, from flipping skirts to dumping water buckets on people's heads to all other manner of childish foolishness. This frustrates his teachers, classmates and parents, because behind his immature facade hides a surprising amount of skill in wind magic. He is unquestionably the most advanced student in the class behind Stella and Sana, and he may even be capable of surpassing them... when he bothers to apply himself.


Leon is Colm's best friend, despite the two being completely dissimilar - where Colm is irreverent, short-tempered and a prankster, Leon is a young man who is mature beyond his years. His calm even-headedness makes him a model student, although he still has some trouble properly manifesting his lightning magic to the same level that Colm, Sana and Stella can.

Arche's Class

Ellie the flower-lover, Marina the spunky fire-wielder, the Class President and her younger brother Chupil... Arche's class at Minasa-Ratis is full of potential new friends, many of whom will be happy to help her in any way they can with her adventures (so long as it doesn't involve getting into an actual fight, of course).


Arche's teacher at school. While she is firm and strict, she also cares greatly for her students.


A mysterious old man Arche may meet in her travels. He lives in seclusion away from others.


A witch who may not be human, and possessed of powerful dark magic. What could her goals be?