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Fortune Smile Upon You - January 30, 2012

And so it has come to pass that we failed to yet again delay the game. This means you actually have to buy it now. We apologize for this and will strive to disappoint more strongly in the future.

In seriousness... Fortune Summoners is now available at online retail! It is currently available on Steam and will be available on Gamersgate very soon. It is 25% off for the entire first week, so be sure and pick up a copy today!

In addition to the release, a new version of the demo is available both on Steam and here on the website. Head over to the Downloads section to check that out.

We're sorry again for the delays surrounding the game, but we hope everyone finds it worth it in the end!

Unfortunate - January 24, 2012

Well, the bad news is that Fortune Summoners has suffered one final delay; the game is now scheduled to launch on January 30th. Andrew Dice explains just what's going on in his blog post here.

There is good news, however, in that we can now explain exactly how Fortune Summoners will be priced at launch, and we think everyone is going to like this.

Fortune Summoners will have a normal MSRP of $20 and equivalents (15 Euros, 13 GBP)... and will be 25% off for the entire first week of launch. That's $15 for the entire game.

We know the delays have been frustrating - believe me, we're frustrated too - but you need wait only one more week, and then the game will be in your hands. Look forward to it!

Bargaining With Fortune - January 16, 2012

Ever since our announcement a week and a half ago concerning Fortune Summoners' impending release, we've seen a lot of excitement over the game, and we're eager to get the game into your hands. We've been a little quiet due to things going on in the background, however, and today we have bad news and good news.

The bad news first, naturally: Fortune Summoners has been delayed a week. The new anticipated release date is January 24, 2012.

The good news, however, is better. We've listened to all the feedback from our fans (and there's been rather a lot of that) concerning the price of Fortune Summoners, and we've been talking with our distribution partners and with Lizsoft for a week.

And we're now happy to announce... that Fortune Summoners will no longer be $25! Precise pricing is still being hashed out, but it will be no higher than 20 USD and equivalents, and may end up being lower!

The delay is unfortunate, but we wanted to take the time and make sure that the paid version of Fortune Summoners launches with no issues. As you may have noticed, the demo has a wrinkle or two, and we've spent the past week ensuring they all get ironed out. An updated demo will be forthcoming and will go live on Steam once it is available.

We want to thank our fans again for their patience; it won't be too much more of a wait before we have FS in your eager hands! And, thanks to your feedback, it'll be there in an affordable fashion, to boot!

Live Alive - January 5, 2012

And so we are now live. If you're here for the demo, you can get it right this second by clicking this here blue text.

You're here for a release date? We have that too! The current planned release date for Fortune Summoners is January 17th, 2012 and the game will be available on Steam and Gamersgate to begin with, with more retailers to be confirmed. The retail price will be 25 USD/20 EUR/16 GBP.

I'd like to thank all of our fans for being patient with us concerning the release date - we know it's a bit later than initially promised, but it's coming! In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the meaty demo we've got served up, and the curious can check out the other sections of the site in order to learn more about the game.