Author Topic: The Dream Fulfilled - September 28, 2010  (Read 7973 times)


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The Dream Fulfilled - September 28, 2010
« on: September 28, 2010, 08:31:53 AM »
Today we have an announcement to make.

Four weeks to the day after we began selling copies of Recettear (as preorders), we are ready to announce Recettear's sales figures.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale has sold over 26,000 copies between all distributors as of this news posting.[/I]

And it continues to sell.

Everyone at Carpe Fulgur is... humbled? Amazed? It's difficult to put a name to what we feel. Recettear has done what we had barely dared to hope it would do: in a month it has secured the future of Carpe Fulgur by allowing all of its members to make wages comparable to "proper" jobs in the industry for an entire year, and has provided EasyGameStation with a massive new stream of revenue that they did not previously have access to.

The reviews of Recettear have been near-universal in their praise. Talk about the game all over the internet has been positive. The Recettear project is an unqualified success at this juncture - everything Carpe Fulgur set out to do has been accomplished. Recettear is available in English, people enjoy the localization and the game itself, and we've made enough money to continue with other projects with very little concern for the immediate future.

I, personally, feel the need to thank every single person who reviewed the game, talked about it in various places across the Internet, downloaded the demo, and most importantly bought the game. There are tens of thousands of you out there, from all across the planet. You made this possible. You fulfilled our dream - our dream of making a living from bringing the best indie games Japan has to offer to the English-speaking world.

I even want to thank the pirates, really - I know some of you have been "demoing" the game and then purchasing it, and I thank you for that. From our data via Steam and whatnot, our official demo-to-full conversion rate is somewhere between 25 and 30%... a number that I suspect is inflated in part by former pirates deciding to support us.

Of course, we still want people to continue purchasing the game. Remember, the more copies of Recettear we sell, the more cool stuff we'll be able to do in the future. A Carpe Fulgur with a nice, full war chest is going to be capable of doing a lot - and expanding our capabilities immensely.

So thank you again, everyone. 26,000 copies in four weeks is an incredible success in the indie scene, especially for an unknown Japanese game nobody had ever heard of a few months ago from a couple of dudes with no previous work to their name.

But even with all this, one should not think this is the end. We hope to announce a couple of very exciting projects in the near future, and we've begun to look at a number of future potential titles for localization.

This isn't the end. This is the beginning.

And there's a lot of lightning bolts to be seized.

- Andrew "SpaceDrake" Dice
Project Director, Carpe Fulgur LLC

(PS: You may have taken note of a new entry on the nav-bar. Der Dräkblög, as I call it, will serve as a way for me to discuss various goings-on with Carpe Fulgur in public. I should have a post about Recettear's success - and where it struggled - up a bit later today.)