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So why are the guys being so quiet?

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So you may have noticed that Robin and I haven't been posting as much lately. This is due in part to us being busy with various things surrounding the release (and other things IRL, as we can't quite ignore The Physical for The Wired just yet) and due a little in part to us not wanting to spoil things for folks. It's been a lot of fun watching a whole crop of new players discover Recettear and all the little secrets and whatnot therein. Seeing everyone having so much fun with something we worked so hard on for so long feels fantastic.

We've also been derping over a few of the polish issues that slipped through the cracks, naturally :P We managed to get most of them patched out last Monday, and we'll likely be making a last polish push this coming week (although these melons are being difficult). We have noticed the crashes a few people are having but I have to be honest: at this point we're beginning to suspect that crashes are symptomatic of a problem in the end user's PC, not a problem with the Recettear executable per se. The only time we've been able to replicate crashes is when we do daft stuff like uninstall our sound drivers without a replacement or somesuch. We'll still report crashes to EGS (and keep giving us info), but with practically no reviewers reporting issues (and you may notice we've had just a few now and lots of people seemingly running the game without incident, my personal suspicions are trending toward the "something's broke on your end" answer.

Anyway, to counter The Silence I'm probably going to get a nice proper dev-blog (or loc-blog, I suppose) set up on the site here in the next few days, with a new forum for discussing posts therein. There's a lot of stuff I want to blather on about at length that aren't quite appropriate for a live game forum, so it'll be good to have a space available to go on about various things.

And for the curious, we'll be able to talk about how Recettear is selling at the end of the month. By then we should have a pretty good idea of just how well we're doing and how sustainable everything will be. Remember though, word of mouth is our most powerful tool right now, so if you like Recettear, tell your friends and get them to throw money at us! Otherwise I won't be able to afford that Jaguar we won't be able to turn CF into a going concern and bring over more excellent software to you guys!

It really does do us good to see everyone enjoying Recettear. Hopefully this is just the beginning!

One of the many things I've wanted to know was how well Recettear has been doing, so this gives me something to look forward to. It's probably the thing I want to know most, as I personally (and I feel like I may not be alone) have a strong desire to see Carpe Fulgur go on to even more good things.

Keep up the good work. Hopefully we can all be patient while you guys bust your humps for our entertainment. *smirk*

Hi Sir SpaceDrake.

I just wanted to thank you for tweeting the other day when I bought Recettear and was wondering about the PS3 controller. Because of that tweet, I decided to post on your forums asking for help, and can now use my PS3 controller to play Recettear.

That said, I'm doing my best to spread the word through my blog by offering up the most important advice I got from Doniazade's Tips and Tricks FAQ, which is to sell at 104% and buy at 70%. I hope your game becomes a smashing success and helps you to fulfill your dreams.

As it stands, some of the people in my blogging circle (which is comprised of professional writers and MMO enthusiasts) are enjoying the game quite a lot. :)

Again, thank you for releasing this game, and more power to you! :D

-Victor Stillwater

I hope recettear will get mod-possibilities and more items and dungeons and such.
Also the Problem with going to the market/shopping/Chapel and such and after that into a dungeon, after the dungeon to the guild to fuse items and then returning to the shop and having lost the whole day, because the dungeon counts as "going back to shop" :'(

Also I hope for more items, a hardcore mode, where you won't get in a new loop when you fail.
Maybe a competition mode where you activly have to struggle with other shops in town would be nice, also that you could visit them and buy there too.

I really love the game and the characters a lot.
As I first read "Capitalism, HO!" I freaked out and couldn't stop laughing :D
Also the Guildmaster "She, who must be obeyed".

This is a game I long have been waiting for.
Thanks a lot for bringing it to the west-world and please do it for more games, though my Japanese isn't very good ^^

keep it on and improve our beloved Wreck a Tear: ^^

They already said modding isn't likely because of the Japanese tradition of thinking that is weird(in spite of contradicting behavior).  The thing is, even if they were fine with it, I doubt you'll see a lot of work being put into this game since it's already 3 years old.

I'd still like to see some TF2 hats or something though.  :P

If you want to mod the game, you're probably going to be on your own.  It's not like the game is super encrypted or anything though.  I've done enough digging to know that a determined person could mod the game.  However, if anyone at Carpe Fulgur is feeling generous enough to give tips on how to mod it ...


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