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So who's the best adventurer to use?

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Ragnarok Engine:

--- Quote from: Delicious Orange on September 11, 2010, 11:34:54 PM ---After unlocking Tielle she is easily my favorite character in terms of gameplay. She one-shots practically everything, has ridiculous range (and unlike Caillou she doesn't need SP to use them)
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I've seen people complain about Caillou's lack of non-spell range a few times.  Is everyone aware that if you charge his melee attack for about two seconds he throws a no-mp fireball?  It's a single target attack that seems to have the same range as an arrow, and seems to do damage based on his Magic stat rather than his Attack stat.  Even better, hitting with it regens a couple of SP just like his melee attack.

It's a bit of a pain having to charge it every time, but it works fine for blowing up slow enemies or those that follow predictable patterns.

I think Charme is the best! Like everyone says, she's fast and we all know that. She doesn't need range cause you can just stick a clone in front of her at all times due to her low SP costs. More for boss raping...Fire attack lets you get out of trouble since you're invincible. Web saved me from that big mob at the end of the 3rd dungeon when I was expecting a 1 on 1 boss fight.

As for the fighter Elan...I guess he does more damage, but in my opinion, he's just a worse Charme. He can dash, but can't turn around and he slides. His range is always low cause he can't make clones. His fire attack has a bit of start up/delay while Charme is pretty much instant. Not saying he's not cool...just a worse Charme gameplay wise.

I've got myself specialised with Charme, I think she's the best.
Once you get used to speed dashing at short range you can run circles around the enemies, although, you do need to be paying a fair bit of attention. My tactics are, dash around, watching the automapper for enemies, then taunt the enemy to attack and circle in behind them for maximum damage (pun intended). Charme's flamedash is a good breaker for clustered enemies who can shoot at you, and for taking out fast tentacle blobs at higher levels by boosting back and forth through them.

Also, protip: tentacle blobs have a terrible turn rate, if you run just past them they get confused and struggle to turn around.

Really, I like all the characters, and I've given them a fair run. Just getting used to Griff at the moment, but I need a better claw.

Tielle was really fun, but her slow charge time makes dungeon crawling crawl. I mostly use her as a zero-point shotgun, taunting and closing in on enemies for quick disposal. Her holybeamspamofawesome magic is good for crowded corridors and boss fights, so I usually save that up. I don't use the homing missile or flame missile very often.

I used to like Louie, but now I don't. I can't explain why. Maybe Charme got me drunk and talked me out of it. Made for a good balanced hack and slash, and even more effective when I learnt how to shield.

Elan. Fun at first, but very injury prone.

Nagi's pretty cool, her range makes it really easy to attack clusters, but her immobility against ranged enemies causes me some hassle.

Caillo really needs to grow up! He's such a child. I usually go out with just his magic super spray, its like "push button to kill", which makes for easy dungeon crawling. I soon realised that he gained more XP then he lost from spell casting, so I did that. After following someone else's tip, I found that spamming the ice attack in boss fights is highly amusing.

Still working towards Arma :)

The only adventurer I haven't liked so far is Arma, and I don't know if that will change when I get more equipment for her.

Louie is great in Crystal Nightmare because he can block projectiles, especially from enemies throwing rocks/shooting from offscreen.  His high hp and the ability to equip heavy armor and helms gives him a lot of survivability.  And his spinning slash gives him a little invincibility.  His real downsides are just his low SP and speed, but it makes Durian worthwhile to use for him.

Charme is great for most dungeons, especially if you're only trying to get chests since she can detect trapped chests.  Her dash gives her a limited invincibility which can get her out of tight spots, and her fast attack speed and all of her skills makes getting away from most enemies easy enough and taking down bosses isn't too difficult.  The problem is if you don't time her dash well she'll take a lot of damage, which makes actually using her in later dungeons difficult when you may not anticipate a projectile.  The low HP makes it so you have to take a lot of healing items too, or just make it a suicide run.

Caillou is good for boss rushes, and his high MDef makes it so that some of the later enemies aren't too annoying.  But the low HP and Def makes him hard to use in a regular dungeon.  Being able to use his skills almost non stop helps, and warping to escape makes him last a little longer, but ropers pretty much ruin him and they're all over later dungeons.  Plus he is slow in attacking and moving, the only good part about him in a dungeon is that when he is casting he is invincible until the spell is actually cast.  He needs a lot of item support later on since his melee isn't really feasible against most enemies.

Tielle is basically a more survivable Caillou.  She is the second best at boss rushes with her Starshot arrow and cuterage.  She is also really good at taking out Will o Wisps since she doesn't need to use MP and you can strike them with more than one arrow, and the paralysis from cuterage works on them.  The downsides are that she is kind of weak when you don't charge or use her skills, and getting hit resets her charge.  Her lack of dash can be a little annoying too, but typically it doesn't affect her play too much.

Elan is great since he has a quick attack speed and can cancel into any of his skills from a melee attack.  Plus his high HP and Def are nice too.  He's pretty good all around, and his fist flurry is good against tight groups and bosses.  Beserk is also a good boss killer, and good against enemies like groups of moai since he loses knockback with it and it doesn't cost too much SP to use.  His flame charge is good, and his dash will damage enemies if he runs into them so you don't have to worry too much except for running into a projectile.  Playing him can be a little stiff, and his low SP means you can't really use fist flurry too much, but otherwise he's pretty good.

Griff is surprisingly one of the better dungeon divers simply because his claw covers about a 220 degree radius around his right side.  It's sort of like Nagi and Louie's spin slash for a normal attack, and gives him a pretty good range.  His vampire vortex gives him health and can displace groups of enemies, or just gather them up to attack all at once.  Dark Claw is basically blazing strike but more powerful, and his demon soul skill is basically berserk which is still good.  His dash basically works like a cheap version of Charme's dash, except he won't keep dashing after the invincibility period.  The only problems with him are that his skills take the most SP and vampire vortex has a charge time that you can be knocked out of.  He seems to take a lot of damage too, but his ability to gain HP from vampire vortex cancels it somewhat.  It just means he needs to stock up on more SP items than HP items.

Nagi is also another good all around character.  She has Louie's skills and ability to block thrown rocks, as well as a good dash that can injure enemies without falling over like Elan will.  She can equip heavy armor and has a good multi hit skill and blazing strike.  There really isn't much bad about her, and if she could block magical projectiles she would outclass Louie in every way.

The only one I have issue with is Arma, since she starts at level 1 and her equipment isn't very powerful to compensate.  She only has one skill that can't really be aimed, has hyper armor instead of invincibility, and takes all of her (large) SP pool.  It does a lot of damage if it hits, but you can only reliably use it once per level and if it misses you're done.  She is also rather slow without proper equipment, and all of her attacks are fairly slow and stiff.  Maybe I just haven't found good parts for her yet, but she feels really weak and slow in comparison to the other adventurers and doesn't get any real benefits to make me feel like using her.

Griff is my favourite. Tielle and Caillou are definitely up there but Griff is hands down the best melee adventurer. He doesn't have a persistent dash like Nagi or Elan. He doesn't have a projectile block like Louie or Nagi, nor can he parry any attack like Charme. These are overshadowed by what utilities he packs.

His dash lets him pass through enemies and numerous projectiles. You can completely ignore the Gnoll walls. You can use this to defeat knights (I'll explain in a second) easily. Dark Claw has startup but it is invicible for the entire animation and increases damage unlike the other adventurers. Dark Soul increases his reach and attack speed to absurd levels. This raises his dps above all other melee, Charme included. Vortex heals him, and is a staple tool for him to speed run Crystal Nightmare boss rush. Many boss fights with Griff take no more than 10 seconds. This also means he can bring less HP items and more SP items which are marginally cheaper.

Griff's range is disgusting. The animation is deceiving - it's actually larger than the visual. It hits further than the swiping visual. In reality, Griff's attack hitbox looks something like this:

This means while it's not a full circle, it still hits behind him. When you combine this with his cross-up dash, you can score Back Attacks even when you're facing the other way.

The only melee I'd pick other than Griff is Elan for his high HP/atk and Berserk.


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