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CF at AnimeExpo!

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So we've been a little bit quiet for some time now - that's going to change quite soon, and part of that will involve our attending AnimeExpo in Los Angeles this year.

Clicking this here sentence will give you the juicy details.

And, hurf, this is the thread where you can actually DISCUSS the news. So! Hope to see some fans there!

It's times like this that I wish I didn't move 9-10 hours away from LA (compared to the 1-2 hours I was before).

Then I look at the cost of living difference and feel all better.

Still, hope everybody has a good and productive time. And more importantly, takes pictures for those of us who cannot go. *COUGH*

Well, as long as we get some pictures and videos from that panel then it will be awesome.
Yay for progress.

For someone who lives in another continent some kind of report would be highly interesting.

I went to an Expo once.

Certainly is a culture shock.  Take some pictures for those of us across the pond.


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