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Ah, little blog. You’ve gone neglected for far too long.

So as the news says, reports of our demise are rather exaggerated. 2016 may have been a quiet year for us, but 2017 will be anything but.

Today we announce our first project of the year: Cavyhouse’s “The Midnight Sanctuary”, known in Japanese as “Mayonaka Garan”.

Midnight Sanctuary really is something of a departure for us – previously, we haven’t worked on “novel games”. TMS, though, is not just from a developer who we love to work with – it’s also not even remotely a normal kind of adventure novel game. Midnight Sanctuary is one of the first novel games to embrace virtual reality as its primary form of interaction. While the game has a robust cinematic mode, the real experience for Midnight Sanctuary comes with donning a headset and immersing yourself in the action fully. It’s quite unlike any game we’ve worked on to date, and it’s proven a unique and fun challenge. (Ask me about feeling as though I’m decking into the matrix every time we need to test a new build of the game…)

While we realize that VR is still a young technology and that not all of our customers will have access to VR hardware, I do encourage you to experience the game, especially the full game once it releases, in VR if at all possible. Midnight Sanctuary will come across rather differently with the change in perspective.

Should you hunger for the demo of our latest digital confection, you may get it here, or here.

Moreover, this is not the only time we’ll be speaking of Midnight Sanctuary. Please stay tuned to this Drake-channel, as there will be more news concerning Midnight Sanctuary in the very, very near future.

Beyond Midnight Sanctuary, one might wonder if there’s a lot for us to say about our extended silence. Well, let it merely be said: Carpe Fulgur is still here, we don’t intend on going anywhere, and we’re still going to try to do what we do best.

We will, however, be doing it with a spiffy new website. This has been a long time coming – probably too long. The website is still fairly simple (as per our tastes), and you can expect further updates to it as time goes on, but a new coat of paint and some shined bumpers are what the old girl needed.

And, although it has been said often, it must be said again: we are still here thanks to all of you. You, who have pushed Recettear well over the 500,000 units sold mark, you who have supported all our projects through thick and thin… thank you. What’s coming will be exciting, and we’re happy to be here to bring it to you.

This journey’s lasted six years so far. I hope you’ll join us on its next leg, as it takes us into rural Japan, into the heart of mystery… and to places beyond, where we’ve never been before.

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