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Recettear in the IGF; Also, This is Still a Thing

So things, I suspect, have looked fairly quiet from an outside perspective. It has been a little quiet, to be honest – for a few reasons, Carpe Fulgur’s had to be in a holding pattern for the past few weeks while we waited for a few things to happen (and frankly this gave me time to pursue other things this past month that needed to happen, as well as decompress a little after the incredible whirlwind of activity that was Recettear’s lead-up to launch and launch).

However, the woods are well and truly gotten out of at this point. I’ll say this much: there’s a whole, unique level of “feels good” attached to being able to fulfill long-promised contractual obligations and provide an intrepid business partner, without whom you would not be in the business at all, with their well-deserved six-figure royalty payment. Now that both we and EasyGameStation have literal buckets of money on hand and we’re really certain we can do this for a living for at least another year proper, things can really get started again, and I intend to start with some things that I hope to make Big Official Announcements about here in the next few weeks (if that). In 2010 Carpe Fulgur released a single game; in 2011 the current crazy mad scientist plan is to hopefully release at least three, and I’d like to make it four if we can manage it (though that’s no sure thing yet). We’ll see how this goes, but it’ll be a ride, I can guarantee that. (And I’ll leave wild random speculation as to what we could be pursuing license-wise to the forums whilst I sit in my squooshy office chair and cackle madly. We do have a minimum of four games currently in our crosshairs, however.)

There are quite a few things to talk about: a proper postmortem of Recettear’s translation and what worked, what didn’t, and what surprised us; a nice, long talk about “localization” and just why Recettear’s English script was crafted the way it was and how it was crafted the way it was (which is nearly as important and leads into the why); outlining Recettear’s future patch plans; and various other topics ranging from working without offices (tldr: bluh) to the nature of the indie games business to a little bit of history about myself and/or other members of CF. These will all get dedicated posts in the coming week(s) as everything around here kicks into gear again.

There is one bit of news of note: as many people may have noticed, Recettear is now an entrant in the Independent Games Festival. We did this with EGS’ blessing and hope, and I think this might be the first time a Japanese indie game has entered this particular festival/competition (though I’m not quite certain on this one). This isn’t quite front-page worthy yet as we’re only an “entrant”; that is, we paid the entry fee and submitted a copy of the game for consideration. It’ll be a good deal more newsworthy if we end up nominated for an award, which I actually have some doubts about; not because I lack faith in Recettear, really, but because there’s a ton of entrants in the IGF this year. Seriously, look at this bloody list. There’s a hair under four hundred entrants this year. That is a lot of competition! We’ll see how the cookie ends up crumbling (and I think Recettear does have a shot at an award or two), but the IGF has one hell of a lineup this year, and we’ll see just how that goes. If Recettear does end up a finalist and shows at the IGF, we’ll keep everyone posted (and take lots of pictures!)

Up next will be a lengthy look at the development process for Recettear’s localization: what went right, what went wrong, and how hoodlums stole more cuteness than I ever imagined they would.

Until then!

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