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Two Years And Climbing – Post #1: The Present

Two years ago yesterday, Carpe Fulgur unveiled its English version of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale to the world. It was the story of a girl and a fairy taking a silly gamble on running a fantasy item shop, and the meta-story behind the game’s release was that of several unemployed twentysomethings with a desire to enter the localization industry. We entered it expecting to accomplish little more than gaining a jumping-off point for our resumes.

Two years on, it’s safe to say we’ve gotten a bit more than that.

I know the blog, and indeed Carpe Fulgur in a wider sense, seems like it has been on silent running ever since Fortune Summoners was released. In a sense, we have been – but that’s been due to the fact that what we’re currently working on is bound under non-disclosure agreements. This isn’t quite what we had planned – we’d originally hoped to lift the veil of secrecy over Project Four some months ago. The day where that will actually happen is hopefully now not far off. Know, however, that we have not been idle – far from it. We’ve been working on a project that we think is wonderful and that we desperately wish to share with you. The very instant we can do that, you will know. Because we want to talk about it.

This blog post is not about announcing that, though. It’s about discussing where we’ve been and what’s going on right now.

What is going on right now, first and foremost, is our large summer sale on Steam. It’s been up for a while now and I suspect many of you saw it, but  as of this posting it will be up for another 18 hours. The CF Collection can also be thought of as “CF: The First Two Years” – it is all three of our games collected at one low price (namely, 75% off). Each game can also be purchased individually for 75% off as well, if you wish. If you’ve been waiting to get Fortune Summoners especially, now is your chance, as it will not be on sale like this again for quite some time.

Also, the soon-to-be-present holds a pair of convention trips for Robin and I. We will be traveling to Japan again for the 82nd Comiket convention to scout new potential titles, as well as meet with our current partners to strategize for the coming year. I suspect we will be in particularly deep counsel with EasyGameStation over various things. We will also be at PAX Prime – we attempted to get a solo panel just for CF, but didn’t quite manage it. I will be on a panel with several other indie-RPG luminaries (such as Robert Boyd and Jeff Vogel) discussing the path RPG mechanics are taking, among other things (and I can hopefully get a few words in on the subject of localization), but we will not have a “proper” solo panel.

And finally, this blog. This is not the only blog post I intend to make this month – old words, perhaps, but now I have the time and energy to back up my intent. Over the next week or two, to commemorate the two-year anniversary of Carpe Fulgur’s reveal to the world, I will be posting about various subjects, including the long-needed editor’s notes to both Chantelise and Fortune Summoners, and once the Steam Sale is over, something everyone always looks forward to – hard number updates across all distro platforms for all three titles and a discussion of how successful they’ve been. (We have, admittedly, waited on discussing this for FS because we knew that its first big sale would go a long way to determining how successful it would be in the long term.)

And really finally, because we perhaps do not say it often enough: thank you. You people, our fans, Recettear’s fans, Fortune Summoners’ fans, indie RPG fans, are the people who have given wind to our sails, as cliche as that may sound. Without you, none of what we’ve accomplished – or intend to accomplish in the year(s) to come – would be possible. Your continued support is the main reason we get out of bed in the morning.


We’ve been in business to the public for two years now – it’s almost mindblowing to think that we’ve been doing this for years now. I can’t wait to discuss where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and what we’re doing with all of you.

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