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CF at AnimeExpo!

So the poor blog sits here, neglected and forlorn. Happily, I do intend to do something about that very soon here, I’m just waiting on a single particular thing before rolling out a bit of artillery with which to blow you all into next week.

As the timetable on that is a bit uncertain, however, I thought I would post a brief bit of news for anyone considering attending AnimeExpo in Los Angeles: both Robin and I will be in attendance for the entire event! Furthermore, the current plan is for both of us to be on the “Bringing Doujin Gaming to the U.S.” panel, sharing our experiences in bringing both Recettear and Chantelise to the U.S., and possibly, maybe sharing other news as well. That particular panel will run in LACC 411 on Sunday, July the 3rd, from 4:30 to 5:30PM. We’ll also be wandering around the convention, schmoozing with fellow industry dudes and, just possibly, setting up a few things for the future. You’ll definitely be able to find me at both the NISA and Aksys panels, in the audience, and around the show floor looking at various things. Normally I’d say I’d be hard to miss in my white coat, but at AX I suspect that might not be quite so true.

Regardless, hopefully some of our fans can see us in the wild for the first time at the Doujin Gaming panel! We’re looking forward to running into some Recettear fans!

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