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An update from the Game Developer’s Conference

“So, SpaceDrake”, you may be saying, “where’s that long-promised Recettear postmortem?”

Well, technically we did one here with the crew at RockPaperShotgun. Also, my default state of mind is terminal laziness, so, there you go.

That’s only part of the answer, though. The other part of the answer is that this has been fairly busy month for Team Lightning, just on things that haven’t involved actual game-making. During late January and through most of February, I went though the process of moving from Virginia all the way to Portland, Oregon, which needless to say consumed pretty much all of February in terms of time and manpower. I did this primarily so that Robin and I could work face-to-face from now on (this having been a bit of a problem during Recettear’s localization process), and also for easier access to west coast resources for future development… such as being able to attend the Game Developer’s Conference!

That’s what I’m up to right now; this week is actually going to end up determining quite a bit of how the coming year proceeds for Carpe Fulgur and what we may end up working on. I’ve already had one extrmely interesting lunch meeting that I can’t go into further detail about at the moment, but it certainly opens up a door I’d previously thought was completely closed (and a lost cause, to boot). Over the rest of the week, I’ll be doing things like investigating console possibilities and talking with various companies about things we could do. Wonderful things.

After that, March will be a busy month for us. Now that I’m settled in Portland, real work on Chantelise will begin in earnest, and we’ll hopefully have it out by the end of April (though don’t take that as gospel just yet). And I really truly for honest will get not only to a dedicated blog taking-apart of what went right and wrong with Recettear‘s localization, but I’ll talk about the localization itself and why we did what we did with the project and our methods in general.

The short of it is, no I was not eaten by a shark, and this is an extremely exciting time for us. Stay tuned, Cool Stuff is on the horizon.

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