What does the press say about Chantelise?
Just see for yourself:

"Realistically, mistakes will be made, some boss battles will be more challenging than others, and a secret treasure or two will be missed that will add more time to your adventure. But whether you play for 10 or 40 hours, Chantelise is a delightful, whimsical action role-playing game. "

"The long answer is that Chantelise is a fun indie RPG... I do consider it to be a good example of a well-made action RPG."

"Chantelise doesn’t have the epic adventure of Secret of Mana, but its unique magic system, challenging bosses and pleasant aesthetic will hook you."

Siliconera:"Fantastic job"
"You look at Chantelise and think it’s going to be a cute, quirky adventure where you go around beating up lots of monsters with swords and magic, and that’s exactly what it is. You’ll come for Chante’s quips, but you’ll stay for the adorable characters, surprisingly challenging bosses and ambiance."

"Overall, I feel that Chantelise is a great game even if it is a bit on the short side. The game does require some perseverance especially when venturing into dungeons and getting the hang of the jump dash. The lack of on-hand healing items and sketchy platforming on thin platforms can be slight downers, but those things can be forgiven. For those itching for challenges, the bonus dungeons, the time trials, and fishing mini-game will provide plenty of fun things to do for those who want to master the game."

"As far as the localization script goes, there is still Japanese audio but each “Sou sou” or “Itadakimasu” – even Chante's brusque mannerisms and Elise's soft-spoken demeanor – is well rendered into English, providing a seamless immersion into the game. Localizations should help immersion, not detract from the game, and certainly Carpe Fulgur did its job well. More international efforts should be like this – with the proliferation of the Internet, there is no reason why they should not be."

Blistered Thumbs:7/10, "Great"
"The game’s localization speaks to just how much effort the people at Carpe Fulgur, the company responsible for both this and Recettear making their way stateside, put into the process. Chante in particular is a delight, full of persnickety energy and a willingness to speak her mind without a thought of hesitation that gives her a lot of snarky charm."

GameSpot:"Distinct brand of charm"
"Despite its dated presentation, Chantelise is a game with a great deal of charm. The localization by North American publisher Carpe Fulgur is a superb effort, with funny dialogue bits and clever quips that make the game's cast more interesting and memorable than the genre's typical sullen teenage heroes. The story is sweet, and the relationship dynamics and conversations between Chante and Elise are consistently entertaining. There are some aggravating issues, such as the lack of proper explanation for its numerous gameplay eccentricities, but Chantelise manages to overcome many of its flaws thanks to a blend of enjoyable characters, a tough but fair challenge, and fun loot-hoarding, treasure-hunting action. You're likely to encounter some moments of frustration as you play, but it's hard to stay angry at these two sweet sisters for very long."