Gameplay in Chantelise is based around 3D, sword-swinging, spell-blasting combat through a variety of dungeons.

You will generally begin an adventure in town; this is your default location when you open the game after saving and quitting, and you are taken there immediately after the tutorial section. In town, you can talk to people to learn about the upcoming dungeon as well as any side activities that may be available.

You can also visit Aira's shop to stock up on things, including the crucial Ferromin supplements you need to increase your maximum HP. While Aira is happy to keep prices low at first, she has to obey the laws of supply and demand to stay afloat, and the more you buy of something, the more she has to charge for it.

Once you are reasonably stocked up for your trip, you leave town through the main gate and come to the map screen. From here, you may choose to go through a dungeon in normal room order in "Story Mode", or you may practice in any room you've visited previously in "Practice Mode". Note that you cannot advance the plot in Practice Mode.

Once you know how you want to approach a dungeon, it's into the fray with you! Elise attacks with her sword, using their a three-swing combo or a jump-slash for devastating damage; she can also gain various "charge attacks" by equipping certain elemental crystals. To help keep an eye on a particular enemy, you can lock on to them to fix the camera onto them!

You can also gather colored magical stones to allow Chante to cast spells. These can range from simple fireballs to whirling vortexes to massive chunks of ice. And it isn't just all about gathering the same color - mix and match the colors to add special effects to the spells you cast, such as a fireball that can paralyze foes!

At the end of each dungeon, you will encounter a boss monster. Defeating these will advance the plot of the game, and also earn Chante and Elise special upgrades to their abilities, like being able to use more gear or magic stones at once. These are particularly difficult foes, however - don't be afraid to use practice mode to learn how to fight them!

You will travel far and wide as you search for the witch who cursed Chante, and see amazing sights, visit wonders unimagined. But not all things are as simple as they seem... and not all curses are meant to be broken that easily.

Good luck, Chante, Elise!