Chantelise, as you might suspect, is a tale of two sisters.

Five years ago, two children went out during the night of the red moon. A witch's curse on that night, beneath that moon, turned one of the sisters, Chante, into a fairy.

Despairing at the fact that she was no longer human (particularly over the fact that she was no longer even two feet tall), Chante convinced her little sister - Elise - to help Chante find the witch so that she could become human again.

They would range far and wide, getting into many adventures, seen through by Chante's newfound power of magic and Elise's growing skill with a certain blade she discovered. Until they heard a rumor one day - a rumor of a town, surrounded by ruins, with a witch living nearby. They took to the fields immediately... and on they way, they met a helpless woman being attacked by monsters.

This would be the beginning of their tale - the tale of their adventure, of how they helped a town, helped one another, and discovered the truth of the red moon. This is the tale as it is written...