Carpe Fulgur LLC was informally founded in December of 2009 by Andrew Dice and Robin Light-Williams. The two had been friends for some time, and after several frustrating experiences in attempting to find work within the interactive entertainment industry (particularly with the localization side), the two resolved to take a different course of action. They envisioned a localization group that could bring deserving works of interactive entertainment - independently-made or otherwise - from Japan to America while using the fruits of modern technology to collaborate as closely as possible with the original content creators, in order to create English-language versions of works that provided a completely natural experience in English, but still retained the vision of the original authors. The two need not be mutually exclusive - that rests at the heart of Carpe Fulgur's philosophy.

Risen from the ashes of the blasted hellscape of New Jack City, Andrew Dice formed Carpe Fulgur to destroy the evils of bad localization. His never ending journey continues.

... Well, it'd look good on a headstone, at any rate.

Andrew set out to found Carpe Fulgur for two reasons: one, because the huge chip on his shoulder wouldn't let him do otherwise, and two, because he knew that, despite the gains made since the 20th century, a great number of pieces of entertainment software weren't getting the treatments in English they deserved... or simply weren't getting treatments, period.

Alongside Robin Light-Williams, Andrew started CF with a singular mission: bring over the excellent software that others were unwilling or incapable of doing themselves. Through ups and downs, that mission remains unchanged.

Robin Light-Williams, translator for Carpe Fulgur, has been a games enthusiast for most of his life. He started with Larn on 'something unixy' in his father's computer closet before PCs were popularized. Over time, he's seen games across generations, platforms, and eventually languages, and believes that gaming is not only a way to experience the developer's creativity, but the culture that produced it.

Robin joined Andrew in creating Carpe Fulgur to bring worthwhile games to the wider world, and to try to push the standards on what qualified as a good translation up. More than anything, he hopes players of games he's worked on will understand- and appreciate- the places where these games bring their home culture to the rest of the world.