Carpe Fulgur LLC was informally founded in December of 2009 by Andrew Dice and Robin Light-Williams. The two had been friends for some time, and after several frustrating experiences in the interactive entertainment industry (particularly with the localization side), the two resolved to take a different course of action. They envisioned a localization group that could bring deserving works of interactive entertainment - independently-made or otherwise - from Japan to America while using the fruits of modern technology to collaborate as closely as possible with the original content creators, in order to create English-language versions of works that read naturally in English but were still as close as possible to the visions of the original creators. The two need not be mutually exclusive - that rests at the heart of Carpe Fulgur's philosophy.

The name itself is Latin, a variation on Horace's famous "carpe diem" exhortation. It refers to the idea that nothing worth doing can be done without risk, sometimes seemingly foolish risk - to master the storm, sometimes you must try to seize the lightning. Both of the founders felt this symbolized their situation well. Most people would call them foolish for trying to localize a game on their own with a minimal budget, but sometimes one must reach out and seize their dream or it will get away from them forever. Even if that dream burns like lightning at times.

The two soon secured their first project, and Nicholas Carson was dragooned brought onto the team to assist with 2D graphics and interface work. The company was formally registered in June of 2010 in anticipation of the group's first commercial release, and very soon the entire Carpe Fulgur team hopes to show the world how to seize the lightning.


Andrew Dice
Position: Founder/Project Director/Lead Editor
Andrew Dice has been an avid player of interactive entertainment - "video games" - since he was a small child. Between the ages of eight and twelve, several things happened to him to lead him onto his current path: first, he played interactive works such as Wing Commander and Final Fantasy IV (née II) and realized that the scope of what could be done with interactive fiction on a computer far exceeded the simple label of "video game"; second, he heard of a man named Ted Woolsey, the lead editor for (then) Squaresoft Inc., a man who took games in Japanese and did his best to make them interesting and readable in English.

From the moment he heard of that job - taking a game and making it work as well as it possibly could in English - Andrew felt a calling nearly in his bones to pursue that path. Carpe Fulgur is the end result of nearly two decades of hopes and dreams - and Mr. Dice doesn't intend to disappoint.

Mr. Dice has worked previously with CCP Games and MMM Publishing to create compelling fiction for online interactive entertainment and to develop the settings of emergent online worlds.

Robin Light-Williams
Position: Co-founder/Lead Translator
Robin Light-Williams is a graduate of Portland State University with a degree in Japanese, and has a significant base of experience working on translation projects for fictional works. He joined Carpe Fulgur to combine his enjoyment of interactive entertainment and interest in Japanese culture and language in a work environment.

Mr. Light-Williams has long enjoyed interactive entertainment and has a great deal of experience with it, in multiple languages and cultures. He hopes his position as Lead Translator for Carpe Fulgur will ensure more and better games get the quality translation and international releases they deserve, so that games that truly shine can be appreciated by audiences everywhere.

Nicholas Carson
Position: 2D/Interface Artist
Nicholas Carson has been a great fan of interactive entertainment since he first picked up the controller of a NES, and has loved art since he could use a pencil. As he grew older, he became interested in digital media and using computers to create art.

Mr. Carson is currently a student at George Mason University, working towards degrees in both Art and Game Design. When approached by Mr. Dice about doing work with 2D graphics, Mr. Carson leaped at the opportunity. He hopes that the work he does for Carpe Fulgur will bring many hours of entertainment to players.

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