Daiusu Seeks Funding For Its Voice - May 10, 2017

And today, Carpe Fulgur does something different.

We and Cavyhouse are taking to Kickstarter to have our community help fund the addition of voiceover to The Midnight Sanctuary. A number of fabulous prizes are available to backers, including discount copies of the game!

As we've never done anything quite like this before, it is exciting and slightly intimidating territory for us. We hope you'll continue to support us, and help make Midnight Sanctuary even better!

The TMS Kickstarter may be found here:

Once More Into The Midnight - May 1, 2017

And so ends the long silence.

Reports of our demise have been significantly exaggerated. We come bearing both a re-designed, easier on the eyes website, as well as, quite simply, our newest effort: The Midnight Sanctuary from Cavyhouse.

The demo of which can be downloaded directly from our site, or can be found on Steam.

The Midnight Sanctuary represents a departure for us - it is the first near-total novel game we have worked on, and it is also the first ever VR project from Carpe Fulgur.

It has been a pleasure to work on thus far, and what you can play right now is merely the beginning - more will be coming later this year, and you should stay tuned to this site and Twitter for more news in the very, very near future.

For now, please enjoy The Midnight Sanctuary, and experience it in VR if you can!

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